Tres Tacos Weekend

Taco Day #1
So, we got into LA Saturday night and headed straight to Alibi Room for Kogi Tacos!
Kogi BBQ 101

Three tacos – short rib(beef), pork and chicken? Warm corn tortillas filled with the tasty marinated meat, lettuce and spicy tangy sauce! It was everything I imagined them to be! Not a weird combo at all! Short Rib Sliders – didn’t personally get to taste them, but the friends did approve unanimously.
(Sadly, We didn’t get to try the lotus chips that night, but I hear that those are quite tasty, too!) The kimchi quesadilla was good, but the tacos were definitely the best. We probably ordered 20 tacos total?

Behold, the drool worthy pics, taken by B!
Alibi Room by benyeh2 Kogi Truck by benyeh2 Kogi Tacos by benyeh2 Kimchi Quesadillas by benyeh2 Sliders by benyeh2

Taco Day #2
King Taco in El Monte, CA… I brought my camera to the ghetto. Good thing it didn’t get jacked… hahahahah

Carnitas, Carne Asada and Pollo tacos in warm corn tortilla! Juicy and Tasty! The secret fourth taco, we tried the lengua…. oh yea…. THIS IS THE TACO TO GET. Super duper Tender! SO flavorful! Carnitas came a close 2nd to the lengua. It’s greasiness combined with the marinated flavor went down into my tummy in lightning speed. Put some of their hot sauce and green chili salsa on top – NOM NOM NOM!

king taco menu pollo carnitas carne asada Tres Tacos

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