Twinkle twinkle, Little Star

Little Star Pizza
400 Valencia St.
San Francisco, CA

Shout out to my brutha! He loves deep dish pizza and he loves Little Star’s Deep Dish PIzza. Most people know me as a thin crust lover, but I still gave it a try. Unable to grasp what deep dish lover’s loved about the pizza, I had to interview my brother and ask him why LIttle Star was the best in the bay.

1. The “Juicy” Factor – a lot of deep dishes that he has encountered have been dry. Little star offers a moist and flavorful mouthful of toppings. I can attest that there was a lot of the tomato saucy goodness. A LOT.
2. The Crust Factor – Despite the bountiful juicy toppings, he noted that the crust still stay managed to stay crispy and crunchy.
3. He ALWAYS orders the Little Star pizza – it has a combo of mozzarella cheese, plentiful tomato sauce topping, spinach and feta (?).

pear cider mixed salad 1/2 little star and 1/2 special of the day

Conclusion: My brother likes it a lot. No comment on the beeps.

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