U Swirl, U… kinda suck?

9775 W Charleston Blvd
Las Vegas NV

First of all, USwirl employee wouldn’t let me get my own free sample. I thought Uswirl meant that I would swirl it myself? Ok, looking past that fact, the tart flavored yogurt itself is too creamy for my liking. I was looking more for a pinkberry/yogurtland/tart texture – something more refreshing and light. Maybe I’ll like it when the weather cools down? NOT.

Uswirl - Tart Flavor yogurt

Conclusion: Too creamy for me. If you likey creamy, check it out.
[12.16.2009 – lemme rephrase, if i was looking for regular frozen yogurt, i’d go to golden spoon or yogel’s. however, i was looking for pinkberry-esque yogurt and uswirl did not fit the bill.]

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