Upscale Katsu at Kimukatsu

AQUA Waikiki Joy Hotel
320 Lewers St
Honolulu, HI 96815
Neighborhood: Waikiki
(808) 922-1129

lunch lunch special

There was a part of my brain that somehow associated deep fried foods with cheap and lower “quality” food, but trying the tonkatsu (breaded deep fried pork) at Kimukatsu has reset that part of the brain. Tonkatsu can be fancy!

salad tonkatsu kobe beef katsu

Nestled near downtown Waikiki, Kimukatsu produces some delicious well breaded and light tonkatsu and other katsu type dishes. We ordered the classic tonkatsu and kobe beef katsu. If you looked closely at the photo of the tonkatsu, you can see that there are actually many different layers of the pork, as if they’ve painstakenly shaved the meat layer by layer and put it back together to form the patty. Is that the key to airy feel when biting into the meat? The kobe katsu was also delicious to eat. It was more robust in flavor and also had a similar delicate crunchy breading. The refreshing salad on the side was the perfect accompaniment to balance out the hot in temperature katsu.

Conclusion: You haven’t had good katsu until Kimukatsu.

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