Watered down Pink’s…

Pink’s Hot Dogs
Planet Hollywood Hotel and Casino Las Vegas

Watered down… watered down. Why is it that when a great eat in another city comes to Vegas, it seems to get watered down? Pinks is a great example of that FAIL.

Was it my imagination or was everything smaller??? Isn’t everything supposed to be blown out of proportion in Vegas? The menu selection was definitely a much smaller version of the original in LA. The hot dog/polish dog size was much smaller. The bun was smaller. The quality off all the toppings were not as fresh and piping hot. All this watered down quality was proven by the non-existent line at peak dinner time of 7 pm on a Saturday night! Do think back to the original location (La Brea Ave) where the line that wraps around the original location and stretches all the way back to the other parking lot and your all-too-willing wait of 1.5 hrs to get your piping hot dog/sausage.

“Planet Hollywood Dog” Polish Sausage, grilled onions, grilled mushroom, bacon and cheese – bacon rubbery, cheese not oozing, mushrooms scant, and what grilled onions?

“The Showgirl Dog” Relish, onions, bacon, chopped tomato, sauerkraut & sour cream – bacon bits? and all the toppings were not falling out and easily eaten without getting all over the place. That is wrong. so wrong.

Onions Rings – The onion and the batter texture was good because it came off in one good bite. However, what is this slight sweet taste my tongue is detecting? What is this?!! This is supposed to be deep fried goodness of the salty kind, right?

If you’re hungry, like we were, it’s a good dog, but by no means, it is not the same caliber of heart attack caliber of the original. If the original hollywood pink’s is a 10+. This location has massively failed and only get a 1.

planet hollywood and showgirl 20090926_192129

Now. See the original. See the difference? I think so!
IMG_2428 by you.
Conclusion: Fail.

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