Who Reins Supreme?

Monta Ramen
5030 Spring Mountain Rd, Ste 6
Las Vegas, NV 89146

Who reins supreme in ramen in Vegas? Monta Ramen! I’ve been dreaming about a fantastic ramen-ya in Vegas for years ever since trying greats like Daikokuya in LA. Finally, the time has come and we can have a legit ramen-ya in Las Vegas.

The place is in a small suite that is simply and tastefully decorated, and I think that is reflected in its menu where it is also simple. They only concentrate on a ramen and a few side dishes. To me, I think that is a sign of a great restaurant.

Breaking it down =)
1. Tonkotsu Ramen – True to its description, the soup was hearty, full flavored porky fatty goodness! The chashu was not for the fatty-faint of heart. These fatty bad boys had a flavorful full fat ring around the slice. I also think the takenoko (bamboo shoots) and kikurage (black fungus) added a nice contrast of crunch and earthy flavors. I agree with other yelpers that the noodle is good, but I would prefer a more al dente touch. Regardless, I slurped up the entire bowl of noodles like a professional Japanese business man. The. Entire. Bowl. Slurp!
2. Gyoza – Nothing too fantastic. I think half of them lacked the critical yummy juice factor because the skin had popped when frying them.

"Tonkotsu" Ramen by cravingsofafatgirl Close up of noodles by cravingsofafatgirl Gyoza by cravingsofafatgirl

Conclusion: Bomb-tastic hole in the wall ramen-ya in Vegas. Just based on ramen alone = 5 beeperoos!

07/24/2010 – we have tried the miso ramen, tonkotsu ramen and the shoyu ramen. all are tasty, but i absolutely love the thicker ramen that they put in the miso and shoyu ramen instead of the thinner stuff in the tonkostu. tasty!

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  1. when fall hits, we need to go here again. Soo good to have ramen on a cold day, but then again i would have it EVERYDAY!

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