won mi… make me wonna eat!

won mi.
(in the cathay house plaza)
5300 Spring Mountain Rd
Las Vegas, NV 89146
*drum rollllllllll*

[UPDATE: 2014.07 This location is now Hiromaru Ramen]

[UPDATE: 2013.10.15 This location is now the delicious Cafe De Japon. Omurice and fantastic curry.]

[UPDATE: 2010.10.26 I believe this location has been renamed to Fusion Food. I haven’t been back since it changed names….. oh noes….]

best panchan in vegas so far! lots of variety and good flavors (daikon, kimchi, sardines, bean sprouts, broccoli, potato, um… *scratching head…lots!!)

their standard fair korean food isn’t too bad either. just don’t compare it to k-town. u just can’t.

p.s. please, try it out. they must have very bad pr/advertising because we were the only guests on sunday at 630 pm. (shhhh… for us being the only couple there, they also have kind of bad service, too) i don’t want the best panchan place to go out of business!!!

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