Yelp (in LA) speaks the truth.

So, where have I been eating?

Chunju Han-il Kwan is know for there tasty stews and korean comfort food. ‘Tis true!! With so many yelp reviews, we finally ventured and I am a believer!!

We had a stew made with hot dog, rice cake and spam (?). sooooo good! hot and spicy and great with a side of rice. plenty of tasty banchan and we also ordered pork bulgogi and kimchee pancake. oh baby. yea. Sorry, no pictures this time. I swear to go back and take some tho…

(10.17.2012 – Ha ha! I found some pictures in my vault from a couple posts forward and it is nothing short of delicious.)

Chunju Han Il Kwan Sign Close Up Pan Chan Noodles Stewing Jigae IMG_9175

Neighborhood: Koreatown
3450 W 6th St
Los Angeles, CA 90020
(213) 480-1799

(I’ll leave this tasty bit here though)
For now, enjoy a picture of the infamous Pink’s Hot Dog’s hot dogs… Planet hollywood and mushroom swiss
Planet Hollywood and Mushroom/Swiss Pink's Hot Dog!

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