You call this special sauce?

SanToki Korean BBQ & Shabu Bar
4480 S Paradise Rd
# 1000
Las Vegas, NV 89169
(702) 732-8654

As I go to eat the first slice of kalbi from the grill, our server (who is really really nice, btw) anxiously exclaims, “You have to dip the sauce! It’s really good. I want to see your reaction!” I go to bite into the meat with the sauce, and as expected, not amazing – just some ginger-ish variation of a teriyaki sauce. I try to feign that I am enjoying the sauce, but my man said I had a complete look of disgust on my face. *shrug… I tried. So, we ask her what kind of sauce it is, it’s “SPECIAL SAUCE.” hhahahahahaha…..whatever! Should’ve just requested the good ol’ sesame oil and sea salt.

From beginning to end, the meal was just mediocre at best. Panchan/banchan was bad in that they only have us 4 different kinds and the types they provided were yucky. The kimchee pancake was mostly soggy with edges kinda crispy, like they let it sit for a few more minutes longer in the kitchen rather than bringing it out immediately. ick. I usually devour all the salad, but something with the mix made it bitter? huh? Kalbi, chicken and bulgogi were tender and pretty good, but definitely not as flavorful as other mom pop korean restaurants do it (even Hodori wins). Kimchi jigae was just whatevers… where’s our raw egg to go with it?!

Conclusion: Amount of food was lacking. Quality of food was mediocre at best, AND they’re overpriced, probably to compensate for all the money they spent on trendy decor and for (high?) rent. Who the heck tries to convince their patrons to only have one beer when they order two to begin with?! NOT GOING BACK. i appreciate the attention to decor, but put your attention towards the more important components in a restaurant. step it up – more food, better flavors and let us order our alcohol… yeesh!

Lunchtime, Same day: Bollywood Grill on sahara and decatur. $10.99 all you can eat buffet was strangely more satisfying than San-toki, even though I was eating on a grease stained table cloth with food that was sitting in the food warmers….

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  1. If it’s not good, it’s not good. Can’t act out that it tastes good. haha. Seems like you have been recently hitting up bad experiences.

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