Anna’s Garden

Another option for Hong Kong Cafe food other than Cafe Noodle.

2012 – CLOSED

Anna’s Garden
5740 Spring Mountain Road
Las Vegas, NV 89146
(702) 220-6713
(Located where Tipps used to be)

SOrry lah, dropped the ball again on the pictures.  Will post on future visits.

We had the…

1.  XO Beef Fried Udon (XO niu rou chao wu dong)- Kind of salty but I like the spicy kick from the XO sauce

2.  Chinese Broccoli and Oyster Sauce (gai lan)- standard yummy Chinese veggie

3.  Hainan Chicken (hai nan ji fan)- The chicken was pretty tasty.  The dipping sauce of ginger and green onion was good, too.  It’s definitely not as good as Savoy in Alhambra, but if you must have a fix, try it here.  The rice had a nice coconut aroma but was missing something… can’t quite put my finger on it.

Overall, quick and semi-friendly service for a Chinese restaurant. =)  I think the food is even better than Cafe Noodle *covers mouth.  kekekkekekekekeke

p.s. 03.11.2010 – Expect very poor service. Mediocre to average quality food. Cafe noodle wins sometimes but a title to be proud of…
p.p.s. 05.02.2010 – Why do we keep going back?! We keep coming out angry because we always get served the wrong items are take forever to make our meal! It’s mediocre Chinese food for crying out loud. Hrmphf!!! If this restaurant was placed in Hong Kong, it would completely fail because real Hong Kong restaurants may be rude and have very poor service. At least, they are on point with gosh darn tasty food.

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