Banana Pancakes

Boot’s and Kimo’s
119 Hekili St
Kailua, HI 96734
(808) 263-7929

Boot’s and Kimo’s is like any other breakfast place in the sense that it produces an incredible mind numbing food coma, BUT BUT BUT, the tongue will has the most fantastic time before it’s keels over for a nap.

1. Banana Pancakes with Macadamian Nut Sauce – Banana Pancakes are about 10-11″ in diameter covered with this wonderfully creamy macadamian nut sauce! The fluffy pancake with small chunks of banana should be best friends with the mac nut sauce. They should not be separated.
2. French Toast with Macadamian Nut Sauce – Okay, so if banana pancake were to break up with mac nut sauce. French Toast can because Mac Nut Sauce’s new best friend because they go great together – toasty texture of the French Toast and Uber creamy mac nut sauce.
3. Hash Browns – This is the nice side kick to Banana Pancake, French Toast and Macadamian Nut Sauce. Tasty side dish but it needs it’s sweet main dish friends. It serves a great role to balance out the sweetness of the others between bites. Crunchy, mildly salty with some great potato flavor.
4. The corned beef hash omelette (forgot the official menu name) – This omelette was the big brother to all of these dishes. Can totally shine on it’s own with it’s own tasty accompaniment of sausage/chinese sausage/spam (??) fried rice. It’s a hearty omelette with some of the tastiest corned beef hash ever. Dare I say it is homemade, AND I like it? I never like homemade corned beef hash! I actually like the over-processed tiny bits and fried to oh-so-crispiness. Can someone confirm whether it is homemade or not? Either way, it was boooooooomb diggity.
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Conclusion: It is a hearty, super sugary, semi-salty, coma-inducing b-fast probably worth 10 miles of running with 50 lbs on your back. Regardless if you’ve earned it or not, YOu gotta just try EVERYTHING…. Maybe not trying everything on one visit, but I’d keep going back if given the chance.

Servers are very nice. Definitely, go on a weekday when it is not crowded because the place is tiny.

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