Boardhouse has some serious sandwiches!

Boardhouse Serious Sandwiches
1513 W Craig Rd (Next to Wells Fargo)
N Las Vegas NV 89032

Their grand opening for this location was today, so we decided to take a lookey. Boy, were we pleasantly surprised! The atmosphere has a laid back beach/hawaiian feel to it. The staff was super dooper friendly and helpful. Most importantly, their sandwiches were fantastic, flavor wise and texture wise and size wise (gi-normous!)!

1. Class Cheese Steak (HOT SANDWICH) – “Thin-sliced roast beef sauteed with onions and peppers, smothered in melted Mozzarella cheese on a fresh baked roll.” This is right off their menu description. I couldn’t have put it any better! It was juicy, hot and the roll was soft and fluffy.

2. The Priva (COLD SANDWICH) – “Slow roasted hand-pulled turkey, cranberry sauce, cream cheese, lettuce and mayo and a fresh baked roll.” The most amazing part of this sandwich was the REAL turkey! It definitely looked hand-pulled to all the right small pieces. The perfect amount of cranberry, mayo and cream cheese was in there, on top of the perfectly finely chopped fresh lettuce. All in all, it was texture-gasmic. The crunch of the lettuce, with the tangy combination of the cranberr-mayo-creamcheezynes, and the roasty wholesome turkey taste all on a fluffy bun was very satisfying.

cheesesteak THe Priva cheesesteak 2 the Priva 2 rewards card!  woot
p.s. They have other locations in the valley, and we were informed that they may be opening more. woot!

2009.10.08 update – The Priva has changed to have sprouts and no cranberry sauce. However, the del mar is a close version, and ask for the bread roll instead of sliced bread.

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