Breakfast: Hong Kong Style

North Garden Restaurant
1-3/F Hung Kei Mansion 5-8 Queen Victoria street, Central, Hong Kong
(Remember to look up and carefully at signs that are grouped together to find what you’re looking for, “1-3/F” meant that we had to walk upstairs to the restaurant)

Menu North Garden Restaurant Exterior Sign

Everyone seems to be in a rush in Hong Kong. Just looking around, swarms of people are going in every direction with an end location(s) in mind. Where are you people hurrying to at all times of the day? Is this how Hong Kong breakfast had to evolve to keep up with the frantic pace of Hong Kong citizens? So, breakfast items have to be quick and full of flavor (not necessarily in the healthiest way) for these busy individuals to get in and get out? For example, common items paired together are white toast, spam, ham, and sausage with a highly caffeinated Hong Kong style milk tea or a mix of coffee and milk tea, called Yin Yeung.

On our first morning in Hong Kong, I took hubby to have breakfast at North Garden Restaurant. We went to the chain location in Central, HK around 10:30 am to be in between breakfast rush and lunch time rush because you definitely do NOT (I repeat do NOT) want to be stuck in lunch time rush with all the business staff. It is pretty much impossible to find a seat let alone a table to eat at.

When in Hong Kong, you must have the milk tea. It’s different than your usual boba milk tea. That boba milk tea from the US is weak sauce. This milk tea will put some hair on your chest because it is incredibly caffeinated. It jazzes me up so much I go zipping around and then you’ll find me moping and emo’ in the corner and crashing from my caffeine high. (…but that’s just lightweight me where I get affected by everything even in small amounts.) You can choose to have it hot or cold or as mentioned previously add some more zip and have it with coffee – yin yeung style.

Iced Hong Kong Milk Tea Hot and cold Hong Kong milk tea

White bread with a pat of butter, fry an egg over easy, add a slice of ham, spam and ramen, and satay sauce with ramen

Buttered white bread, fried egg, ham Spam and instant noodles Satay sauce and instant noodle base

$ to Value Ratio: 5/5 Beeps, holy moly it was cheap! I wish I saved the receipt, but I don’t think it was more than 50 HKD, which is about $6.60 US!!!!! for two people!!!!!
Yummy Factor: 4.5/5 Beeps (Salty Deliciousness)
Texture Satisfaction: 5/5 Beeps (I like fake meat and processed noodles)
Average beeps: 4.83 Beeps

Conclusion: Good for a quick refuel and some zip for Hong Kong style milk tea.

[CFG Hong Kong Dining Tips: 1. Be ready to share a table with strangers. 2. Don’t expect to make “small talk” with the stranger – they might look at you weirdly. 3. Don’t idle. Make your decision quickly. 4. Be ready to pay up and get out. Most casual restaurants you pay at the cashier when you’re done, unless you’re somewhere fancy. In that case, once the check is delivered, they will stand there and wait for you to pay, so be ready to pay as they stare at you (yes, awkward for us Gui Lo’s). 5. Don’t expect friendly service. Just efficient Service. They might just bark at you, but don’t take it personally. The cashier might throw change at you, but I wouldn’t take that personally either. They’re just trying to get you out the door for more business to come in. “Mo Juo Zhu Sai lah!!” – Don’t get in the way. 6. Oh yea, it is customary to NOT tip unless already automatically added on.]

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