CFG’s Top Desserts

Top Desserts in no particular order – A biased list compiled on the fly? Yes! Doesn’t include what you like? Make your own! Agree with my list? Let’s go eat! =) More suggestions? Please, do!

Molten Chocolate Cake served WARM chocolate cake with chocolate fudge filling and topped with vanilla ice cream under a crunchy chocolate shell from CHILI’S

Ultimate Fudge Brownie served WARM with vanilla bean ice cream, drizzled with chocolate and caramel sauce, set atop vanilla cream sauce from KONA GRILL
750 S. Rampart Boulevard
Fashion Village at Boca Park
Las Vegas NV 89145

Butter Cake served warm with a side of fresh whipped cream (fluffy, creamy, and slightly sweet) from MAESTRO’S STEAKHOUSE(Chain)
633 Anton Blvd
Costa Mesa, CA 92626

Egg Tart served fresh from the oven from GOLDEN GATE BAKERY
1029 Grant Ave (between Jackson St & Pacific Ave
San Francisco CA 94133

Portuguese style Egg Tart from MACAU

Mochi Icecream served freshly made every day from MIKAWAYA MOCHI (wins over Bubbies in Hawaii for immediate chewy mochi texture without defrosting for a bit)
118 Japanese Village Mall
Los Angeles CA 90012

Red Velvet Cupcake – a moist cake with rich and not stale cream cheese frosting. I don’t discriminate too much between bakeries, but in Vegas, Cupcake Lane iz fantastic, not so much with Retro Bakery. I have yet to adventure to Leopold’s!
Cupcake Lane

Tempura Green Tea Icecream – a just crispy batter and NOT fluffy, and the green tea icecream must be the real stuff, not the fluorescent green stuff.

Honey Toast from served fresh from the toaster with ooey gooey honey and huge scoop of cold vanilla icecream from Ichiza

Crème Brulee – a just-torched-perfectly-to-get-ever-so-slightly-burnt-taste golden crust with a smooth and creamy crème from Rosemary’s Restaurant

Sweet Sticky Rice served warm with condensed milk and perfect Mango/Durian from Southeast Asia

Various Vietnamese Che served from the street in Vietnam

Red Bean Dumplings served fresh from the steamer from Din Tai Fung leaving you to bite into the delicate skin and smooth red bean filling.

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