7175 W Lake Mead Blvd # 118
Las Vegas, NV 89128-1303
(702) 835-0060

Since I’ve tried red velvets from two different bakeries this week, I couldn’t leave out Cupcakery’s Red Velvet, called the “Savannah.”

Compared to the other two (Retro and Cupcake Lane), Cupcakery’s comes in second in this week’s battle of red velvet cupcakes. Frosting was smooth and creamy, but not as silky as Cupcake Lane’s. The cake itself was moist but just slightly not as moist as Cupcake Lanes.

Final Ranking for this week: FLAVOR – Red Velvet Cupcake
1. Cupcake Lane – winner for it’s uber silky smooth cream cheese frosting and moist cake.
2. Cupcakery – creamy frosting, but lost the edge for not being as moist
3. Retro Bakery – last place for dry and hard cupcake top and interesting almond extract flavored frosting

Red Velvet Cupcake - Cupcakery

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