Fish N Bowl

Fish N Bowl
7225 S Durango Dr
Las Vegas, NV 89113
(702) 739-3474

Fish N Bowl is the perfect lunch time getaway from the office. You get filling fusion Japanese dishes in a fun and laid back environment. Again, as big gluttonous pigs we are, we are ordered way too much food.

Creamy Uni in a spoon – You get three, creamy “butters of the sea”
Tempura Bacon – Wowsa! This was a huge plate of deep fried bacon.
Crunchy Fish Tacos – Fresh, crunchy, tangy
FNB Chirashi Bowl – Not your traditional chirashi bowl. This has a Korean inspired twist with picked veggies and marinated fish.
Garlic White Fish – Flaky, garlicky with crunchy, bright vegetables.

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p.s. No alcohol available here.

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