Gastronomic Disappointment

Joel Robuchon
3799 Las Vegas Boulevard South
Las Vegas, NV 89109-4319
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After having a week to digest my thoughts, I still am experiencing a mixed bag of feelings. This was supposed to be one of the meals of a lifetime, but it was far from a meal of a lifetime. Mainly, I am feeling disappointed, and from the looks of it on yelp, I feel like I’m one of the few….

Perhaps, it was mistake #1 that we managed to overbook ourselves Saturday night and had to be out of the restaurant by 10 pm, so our pretentious Maitre’d suggested that he could adjust the Full tasting menu=Menu Degustation from $385 to $300 and give us the highlights of the menu. With all the glowing reviews, a slightly adjusted degustation sounded like a great option at the time. It was minus $85 dollars. However, I feel like they gave us food that not only did not knock our socks off but also food that was not worth $300.

Here’s the break down….

Non-tasting menu items
The bread cart was amazing. I tried the milk brioche, saffron brioche and cheese brioche. All light, airy and amazing in flavor. Uh-Maz-Zing.

The Degustation: Tasting menu….
1. Le Caviar (en infusion de corail anisé, en surprise, Caviar on a fennel cream served as a surprise) – Oh so pretty, but not so amazing. All I could think of was salty. Yes, caviar is salty, but I’m not sure I even tasted the crab underneath it all.
2. Palette aux Saveurs Estivales (tomate mozzarella en gelée, basilic et huile d’olive, blanc-manger aux amandes et un bouquet de légumes fleuri, la coriandre en gaspacho glacé, tomato mozzarella gelee,basil and olive oil, almond blancmange with vegetable medley chilled cilantro gazpacho) – This was basically a deconstructed salad with normal flavors. Again, pretty but not wow’ing.
—Sadly, Omitted. This actually sounded yummy— L’Œuf (le jaune dans un ravioli imprimé d’herbes aux épinards petites pousses et morilles, Egg yolk and herb ravioli with spinach sprouts and morels)
3. La Grenouille (la cuisse en fritot à la purée aillée et au coulis de persil, Crispy frog leg, garlic and parsley puree) – overly salty… no frog leg flavor…
4. Les Crustacés (le homard rôti au curry et fines graines de chou-fleur, un thé coralline parfumé aux herbes, l’oursin, zéphyr lacté d’un nuage tout moka, Roasted lobster on cauliflower with green curry, herb flavored coral broth, delicate flan of sea urchin with mocha foam) – Roasted lobster = salty. I couldn’t appreciate the herb flavor coral broth. The sea urchin was tasty but the mocha foam threw me off… tasted too much like coffee grinds.
—Omitted. Les Févettes (un fin velouté soyeux à la sarriette sous un voile d’oignon doux, Savory scented fava bean veloute with sweet onion foam)
—Omitted. *tear Le Foie Gras (dans un effeuillé de chou vert au lard et un jus épicé, Duck foie gras in cabbage, bacon and spicy jus)
5. Le Turbot (poêlé à la citronnelle avec une étuvée de jeunes poireaux, Pan-fried turbot with a lemongrass emulsion and stewed baby leeks) – Was not impressed. It was tough and I’m not sure I tasted the lemongrass emulsion.
6. Le Veau (en côte au plat avec un jus gras et escorté de taglierinis de légumes au pistou, Sautéed veal chop with natural jus and vegetable taglierinis flavored with pesto) … I’m seeing a theme here… tough and salty
7. Les Racines et Pousses d’Ici (maraîchères, mêlées de couleurs de saison à l’huile d’argan en tagine, Spring root and sprout vegetables with Argan oil) – Fresh vegetables…. meh. HOWEVER, the Joel Robuchon signature mashed potatoes on the side were fantastic. The server said it was basically a lot of butter with a little bit of potato. ++++ butter + potato = Eye rolling fattyliciousness.
8. La Framboise (au sirop de Lillet, petit pot crémeux à la pistache recouvert d’un sabayon à la rose, Pistachio cream, raspberries infused with Lillet and rose sabayon) – Finally something to rave about. This dessert had complementary flavors and textures of cooling pistachio icecream with the delicate flavors of the raspberries and rose water.
9. Le Caramel (onctueux et glacé, sablé cacao aux graines de pavot, mousse de lait Arabica, Caramel parfait, chocolate poppy sable, light coffee mousse) – Very rich and delicious ooey gooey caramel

Conclusion: Was it worth $300? Being wowed by only the bread, the mashed potatos and the desserts, I seriously felt gypped. Everything was beautifully presented, but you can’t wow my tongue with beauty. If there is a next time, we should create our own tasting menu’s a la the 3 or 6 course tasting menus where we could choose the courses. I actually rather go next door to L’Atelier de Joel Robuchon where we actually really wowed by the flavor of food and our pockets weren’t as empty in the end. *sniff disappointed. Not the meal of the lifetime. 1/5 beeps.

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  1. everything looks so baroque and decadent, I love that breadcart… and the mozzarella balloons in the salad sound very intriguing. bummer that it was a disappointment, especially at that price.

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