Pho Village

Pho Village
6820 Spring Mountain Rd
Suite C-111
Las Vegas, NV 89146
(702) 696-1688

I also stopped in here Saturday after everyone seemed to be liking this place so much. They were raving about the cleanliness of the place. Agreed. They are also commenting on the great service, nice staff, and 10% off the check. Check, check and check! Freshness of ingredients. Great!

However, I would really have to disagree on the flavor of food.
1. Pho Tai – The KEY thing about pho is the soup, and it broth was not beefy at all. What’s pho without the beef flavor? Maybe that’s why the soup was so clear? No traces of essence of the beef bones inherent to a bombastic bowl of Pho. As for the noodles, they are the standard rice noodle. I’m not sure you can go wrong there, but they seemed to like to under cook it just a tad. Preference there, so all good to me. The slices of beef were sliced a little thicker as compared to pho kim long, pho so 1 and pho saigon 8. Again, I guess that part is all preference. Visually, It also looked different from the usual restaurant bowl of pho – it did not have finely chopped cilantro and green onions. Instead, it has long strips of green onion, so the soup lacked the fragrant smell combination of cilantro and beef.
2. Cha Gio (Egg rolls) – The egg rolls seemed to be deep fried in old oil as indicated by the overly brown egg roll skin. Also, I think the filling was missing a few ingredients that made it lack in texture and added another interesting one, taro. Is is the missing jicama? Lack of cloud ear fungus (yes, digusting sounding but usually part of egg roll filling) or vermicelli? and where’s the shrimp? Luckily, when wrapped with the fresh veggies and doused in plenty of nouc cham, it was edible.
3. Cafe Sua Da – Vietnamese iced coffee, my crack coffee. Usually can’t screw that up, and it was good.

Cafe Sua Da Cha Gio Pho Tai

Conclusion: I really really want to give this place a high number of stars because of the great service and clean environment, but I have to give it a low rating because of the low quality of the food. 1.5/5 beeps. I would like to give it another chance because I really liked the staff and service. Perhaps, this place is a like a Bamboo Bistro where you do NOT go for the pho but the other dishes?

UPDATE: Drove by noticed that it was CLOSED (early this year??? and replaced by Pho Saigon)

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