Pizza Antica

Pizza Antica
334 Santana Row
San Jose, CA 95128
(408) 557-8373

I had a delicious experience at Pizza Antica, but honestly, what the pizza was not the star of the meal for me. The supporting dishes rounded out the meal and satisfied me more than the popular thin crust.

Spring Vegetable Chopped Salad with Goat Cheese and Dill with side of piadini – The salad was so refreshing! Bits of carrots, dill, asparagus and lettuce tossed together in a very light vinegarette. The piadini was a nice complement to the salad because it was thin, chewy and garlicky… mmmm
Soup of the Day – Cream of Asparagus Soup – Mild, creamy and comforting
Pizza – Tomato sauce, roasted garlic, oregano and added mozzarella – The least impressive item…. it wasn’t cooked uniformly, so some parts were more charred than other. So, the undercooked areas were more doughy and lacked the beauty of chewy/crunchy/charred thin crust pizza.

Sour Cherry Limeade – I spied this on their extensive soda menu! Not only do they have the standard fountain drinks, but other unique sodas like this one. The sour cherry limeade tastes as refreshing at it sounds. It was tangy with sweet but not too overpowering and add in fantastic carbonation, I was quenched.

Conclusion: The pizza wasn’t perfect, but the other items more than made up for the experience. I’ll definitely go back if ever back in the area.

Sour Cherry Limeade Cream of Asparagus Soup Spring Vegetable Chopped Salad with Goat Cheese and Dill

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