Pok Pok

Pok Pok
1469 NE Prescott St
Portland, OR 97211
(503) 287-4149

Pok Pok has been my dream Portland eatery since being brainwashed by Food Network and Cooking Channel years ago. Of course, Anthony Bourdain has to go on a Culinary adventure with the Chef to Thailand to give him even more street cred’! You gotta love a white guy who lived and breathed Thailand for years and brought his love of the food back.

Upon entering the indoor dining for Pok Pok, I was amused to see the the interior was modeled just like the mom pop shops back in my Thailand travels. Made it feel very nostalgic with dim lighting, alcohol bottle stacks “cluttered” artfully at the bar, red booths and plastic covered tables.

Foodwise, this is NOT your typical Thai restaurant. Get out of here if your looking for your favorite Pad Thai, Pad See Ew or the sorts.

Lime Thai Ice Tea – My gringo tongue was too used to the creamy Thai version. This was just too tangy for me.
Vietnamese Fish Sauce Chicken Wings – not specifically Thai, but the intense sweet, salty and tangy flavors created a party in my mouth!
Yam Makheua Yao – smokey grilled eggplant with tangy Thai dressing and was quite refreshing
SiiKhrong Muu Yaang – marinated, tender baby back ribs
Khao soi – Northern style mild curry noodle. Being the noodle whore that I am, this was my favorite. Who can turn down flavorful curry broth with chewy egg noodles?
Coconut Ice Cream Sandwich – interesting street style rendition with sliced bread.
Khao Niaw Mumuang (coconut sticky rice and mango) – classic and delicious!

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5 beeps!

2 thoughts on “Pok Pok

  1. I have the cookbook and have seen the restaurant and chef featured on some TV shows, but have yet to dine there. One day soon I hope! I would love some coconut sticky rice and mango right now, I’ve got a badass jones going on now…

  2. I hope you dine there one day, too! It was everything my tongue wanted and more =)

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