Siu Yeh!

220 E Valley Blvd
Alhambra, CA 91804
(626) 299-1918

Tonight we needed a late night snack or Siu Yeh in Cantonese, so we decided to head to Phoenix because they are open late. We decided to have something savory tonight, which lead me to conclude that I mainly love Phoenix for its dessert menu. They have so many locations, so it made it easy to just drop by of them because we’re always hanging around alhambra area anyway.

Among my favorites are –
1. deep fried man tou with condensed milk – Love this stuff! Crispy bun with creamy condensed milk dip!
2. taro tapioca desserts
3. super caffeinated milk teas and milk tea combinations. They make me so jazzed up that I crash into a super anxious depressed slump but it’s so worth it.
4. Grass jelly tapioca drink – the grass jelly is always fun to bite into
5. Mixed fruit tapioca drinks – sweet and refreshing

Could use more work-
1. All of their savory dishes come out just average. The house fried noodle that we tried lacked that special x-factor from the wok.
2. The mochi’s – mochi too soft and not chewy enough
3. The egg tarts – the crust both cookie or flaky never made well

Conclusion: Overall, fantastic for a hang out for yummy dessert and drinks. The savory foods are not at the top of my yummy list. 3/5 beeps

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