Sushi Samba ain’t la bomba

Sushi Samba
The Palazzo
3327 Las Vegas Blvd S
Las Vegas, NV 89109
Neighborhood: The Strip
(702) 607-0700

Advertised as a fusion of Brazilian, Peruvian and Japanese food, I was actually excited to finally get to try it because I am a fan of any kind of fusion food, especially one as unique as Latin + Asian. All the dishes seemed delicious on paper, but once in my mouth, it seemed a little overpowering.

Seared Kobe Beef (ponzu geleĆ©, warm japanese mushrooms, truffled tofu crema) – I felt that all the flavors were great but the ponzu was a bit too strong and overwhelming.
Tuna Tataki (white asparagus, fresh heart of palm, avocado, tatsoi, citrus soy) – yummy but again citrus soy was too acidic and tangy for me
Miso seabass skewers – Fatty fatty seabass with miso being too pungent
Neo Tokyo, a sushi samba roll (yellowfin tuna, tempura flake, aji panca) – this tasted like a regular spicy tuna roll with the sushi rice being too soggy)
Yamato, a sushi samba roll (tuna, foie gras, osetra caviar, gold leaf) – The foie gras tasted burnt and bitter. bleh.

And after all those a bit too overwhelmingly savory dishes, I was looking forward to dessert….
Rosca – Homemade doughnuts with hazelnut chocolate dipping sauce! Homemade!!! However, after one bite, I found the doughnuts wayyyyyyy too sweet and heavy. They weren’t at all light and airy wonderful bites of heaven. *tear…

On the plus side, they have a nice little selection of virgin mixed drinks. I chose the Coco Leite which was a delightful and refreshing mix of coconut milk, pineapple juice and mango juice.

Conclusion: It’s definitely a seen and be seen place (strike one in my mind). Strike 2, the seating was not well planned and seemed tight. Strike 3, the food was trying way too hard to taste good and back fired in being too overwhelming in flavor. If it was kicked back a couple notches, I think my tongue would’ve been happier. 2/5 beeps. Not going back.

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