They’ve got da grinds!

808 Hawaii Mixed Plate
775 W Craig Rd, Suite #148
N las Vegas NV 89032
(702) 642-5007

Yaye! Another hole-in-the-wall find! 808 Hawaii Mixed Plate opened about a month ago, and with the recommendation of friends, we went there for lunch.

Their menu had all the typical hawaiian foods, and here’s what we tried first:
1. Loco Moco (Mini Size) – The perfect lunch time size. What made this item a winner was the attention to detail. The fried eggs were perfectly over easy and had a nice crispy edges on the egg that you don’t get a many places. The gravy was full bodied (haha, feel like i’m talking about wine) and flavorful. The hamburger patty was cooked well done but not too dry. The mac salad was not just the usual run of the mill mac salad. It had was a happy combo of potato and macaroni! How bomb tasty is that?
2. 808 Special – So this is a mixed plate where you can choose two items (chicken katsu, sesame chicken, shoyu chicken, sauteed shrimp, hamburger steak, bbq pork, bbq beef, kalbi shortribs) with sides of salad and their yummy macaroni salad. We chose sesame chicken, which was crispy and slighty sweet. The sauteed shrimp flavor was reminiscent of the shrimp at Romi’s on North shore (-minus the extra freshness and larger size of shrimp).

Loco Moco by cravingsofafatgirl 808 special - sesame chicken and sauteed shrimp by cravingsofafatgirl

Conclusion: Will definitely go back to try the other items. The food is definitely made with love of a Hawaiian mama, and she even came by to chat with us a bit. 3.5/5 Beeps.

[Update 2010.06.07] – Since the heat has arrived in all its sweaty glory, I decided to have the Somen Salad here. It was perfect for the weather. The greens were a mixture of all kinds of good stuff (not iceberg! *pump fist) plus thinly slice ham bits, eggs, japanese fish cake, green onions, toasted sesame and carrots. The dressing was fantastic. I think it had a mixture of some sort of rice vinegar, soy sauce and sesame oil. It was filling, refreshing and satisfying and you can even go low carb and ask for them to skip the somen part of it. 4.5 beeps! Click for My Yelp Pics

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