Well Rounded Hole-in-the-wall Experience

Turtle Tower Restaurant
631 Larkin St
(between Eddy St & Ellis St)
San Francisco, CA 94109
(415) 409-3333

This was a well rounded hole-in-the-wall experience. Driving into the the neighborhood, my brother mentioned that this area had a lot of crack heads. Being the sheltered girl that I am, I expected maybe a few bums here and there, but I was incorrect. There were bums on every corner, which made this eating experience even more unique (more on that later). We found our way to Turtle Tower Restaurant on a corner near Lee’s Sandwich.

We went in expecting us some fantastic noodle soups and we got it, along with the perfect hole-in-the-wall experience. Here’s what we experienced:
1. Pho Tai – Perfectly beefy broth
2. Pho Ga – The essence of chicken was well infused into the soup. This was not heavily MSG laden and the chicken even had a hint of being free range? mmmmmm
3. Goi Cuon – Freshly rolled with a my preferred ratio of more lettuce/greens to bun/vermicelli and a few bits of pork and shrimp. Classic combination with classic peanut sauce.

Add in the charming qualities…
1. Worn in feel of the interior
2. Random homeless man bursting in and asking for hot chocolate. Instantaneous street cred’ in this place!
3. Word on the street (aka my brother and sister-in-law who just met the owners on a ski trip) that this is a family run business. Gotta give extra puntos to the mom-pops!

Conclusion: Got the hankering for the real deal noodles soups? Well here it is!

Turtle Tower Restaurant Menu Pho Ga Pho Tai Spring Roll

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