You had me at…. “what do you want?”

UPDATE: 07.21.2009 – After reading this review, it may be misleading that the food is good, but in so many words, I meant to say that this place has average Italian food but for a nice atmosphere. There ya go. =)

We walk into the doorway and we are in a holding tank of some sort. Look around to see a doorbell and go to push it, and all of a sudden we here a gruff Italian gangsta voice right behind us greet us. Then he asks us if we’re here with two others. Saying “yes,” he opens the main door and we enter into a dark restaurant set up which kind of reminds me of where the Godfather would eat on a late night in New York.

Capo’s Italian Cuisine
(702) 436-2276
5795 W Tropicana Ave
Las Vegas NV 89103

Service is great ‘cept for the lady who was in charge of clearing our plates seems overly zealous at her job. AND, of course, I wouldn’t be writing about this place if the food wasn’t worth it. We got the calamari (light, crunchy with tangy marinara sauce), caesar salad (standard and tasty), lasagna (super meaty. good but couldn’t eat too much of it), some sort of cleverly named seafood pasta (also, tasty but heavy), and MY FAVORITE of the night – classic spagetti and 1 ginormous meatball. The spagetti was al dente (which it should be in any respectable Italian restaurant) and sauce just right. yum yum! For dessert, we chose the tiramisu…. I haven’t had a good tiramisu in a long time. I find that some tiramisu’s can be too rich, but this one was just sweet enough and not too overwhelming with the creaminess and coffee taste.

Recommendations: Spagetti and Tiramisu.

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